Questions About Adult Dance Classes

What type of dance classes do you offer?

Milaana Dance offers Bollywood and South Indian dance workout classes for adults. These are one-hour classes where participants follow the instructor along (very similar to other group exercise classes). In these classes, we don’t stop and teach routines step by step. The instructor leads the routine and participants follow along.

Do I have to have prior dance experience?

Not at all. The adult work classes are open to all levels and participants can do the class at their own pace and abilities.

Is it only for women?

No – the adult classes are open to both men and women.

Can I do a free trial?

Yes, absolutely. If you have never done an adult class at Milaana Dance, we recommend starting with a free trial. View the schedule and text us at 972-370-3460 with your name and day when you would like try a class.

How much do the adult classes cost?

Our adult classes are available on a flexible session or pass system.

A 4-class pass is $35 and an 8-class is $60.

You can just use the sessions on the pass as you like – you don’t have to come a certain day each week or even come every week. Just come when you can and when you attend – we deduct a session from the pass. When you run out of sessions, you just buy another pass. Each pass is good for 3 years so you have plenty of time use the sessions.

What should I wear to the class?

We recommend workout or exercise attire and tennis shoes.