Dallas Bollywood Indian Fitness

Add a little fun to your fitness. Consider joining Dallas Bollywood fitness classes at Milaana Dance.

Dallas Bollywood Fitness Classes
What is Bollywood dance and how can it help you in meeting your fitness goals? Bollywood dance originates in Bombay, India, but its popularity has extended beyond South Asia and has grown all over the world. Set to energetic Hindi music, Bollywood style dance is full of life and color. More importantly, it is fun way to burn calories, get a great workout, and experience a new culture.

Milaana Dance
What does “Milaana” mean? The word “Milaana” means to bring together or blend in various South Asian languages. That’s exactly what we do. Our goal at Milaana Dance is to bring people together to foster creativity, culture, and connection through dance.

Class are available for kids and adults ages 5 and up at Milaana Dance. Dallas Indian fitness classes are currently held at the Alpha Midway Dance Studio in Dallas, Texas. Take a look at the class schedule for more information on timing, location, registration, and fees.

By joining the Bollywood fitness classes in Dallas TX, you will receive 50 minutes of energetic lessons that will include warm up and dance lessons set to several Bollywood songs. Meet the Milaana Dance staff members who are deeply passionate about Bollywood dance. They love to share the joy of South Asian music and connect people through dance. Visit the Milaana Staff page to learn more about the Milaana Dance team.

Dancing is Contagious!
At Milaana Dance, we are enthusiastic about Indian fitness classes in Dallas TX and want to share this enthusiasm with all, regardless of background and culture. If you love music and love to move, you will fit right in at Milaana Dance. Come join us and see how fun Dallas Bollywood fitness classes can be.

Check out Milaana Dance and sign up to participate. Add more variety and excitement to your fitness. Dancing has great health benefits and taking a group class is one of the best ways to stay consistent with your fitness goals.