Looking for a fun dance class in your area? Looking for a way to bring a little excitement to your regular working out routine? Give Lewisville Bollywood fitness classes at Milaana Dance a try.

Lewisville Bollywood Fitness Classes
A great way to burn calories and keep your exercise routine exciting is to participate in a group dance or fitness class. And Bollywood fitness or dance is one of the best group classes to take. It’s a fun way to exercise and meet new people. Now popular worldwide, Bollywood dance or fitness allows you to dance to upbeat, exciting music from the Bollywood films of Bombay, India. The various routines incorporate various forms from Western and Eastern cultures.

Milaana Dance
Our mission at Milaana Dance is to foster culture, creativity, and connection through dance. This is even reflected in our name! In many South Asian languages, “Milaana” means to bring together or blend. With our group dance and fitness classes, we bring people together to have fun, connect with others, and enjoy a bit of South Asian culture.

At Milaana Dance, we have classes for both kids and adults. Our adult Lewisville Indian fitness classes are 50 minutes long. During each class, participants will go through warm up and choreography to high energy Bollywood music. Our classes are offered at the Alpha Midway Dance Studio in Dallas, Texas or the Graceful Soles Studio in Plano, Texas. Visit our class schedule page for more information on timing, location, registration, and fees.

Come take a class at Milaana Dance so you can connect with other people, try a new activity, and enjoy South Asian culture. Our staff members at Bollywood fitness classes in Lewisville TX are crazy about everything Bollywood and their excitement definitely shows in their work. Join their classes to enjoy South Asian music, dance, and culture. Learn more about our company and our staff by viewing the Milaana Staff page and meeting the team.

Take Part in Bollywood Dance
Make Milaana Dance a part of your fitness routine. Indian fitness classes in Lewisville TX are a great a way to eliminate the boredom from the regular exercise routine. No previous experience in Bollywood dance or Bollywood fitness is required. You just need to love good music and love to move. The classes are for everyone, regardless of language or cultural background. Come try Lewisville Bollywood fitness classes today at Milaana Dance.