If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant” 

– Anne Bradstreet

This has never been more true, especially in Texas! We’re looking forward to Spring with better weather, more dance covers (like the one below), new and familiar faces in classes, and our third online recital! 


Spring Recital on May 22-23

We will hold our third online dance recital this Spring on May 22 and 23! The kids are now pros at online dance classes and performances, and we are looking forward to seeing their learnings on display! If you don’t have a child enrolled, it’s not too late. They still have time to join a class and participate in the recital this Spring!

Milaana Dance Bollywood Online Recital.              Milaana Dance Bollywood Online Recital

12 Benefits of Dance (for Kids & Adults)

Improve mood, maintain bone strength, reduce stress, improve memory, boost self-esteem, and the list of dancing can help you goes on and on. According to an article in Greatist, there are 12 distinct physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits of dance for adults and kids.

“Bottom line: Dance can be an incredible workout that’s easily adaptable to suit your mood, fitness levels, and capabilities.”

Student Spotlight: Sayali Joshi, 8 years

Sayali has been dancing at Milaana since 2018, and has performed at numerous community events and shows. She recently won first place at the 2020 Star Kalakaar in her age category. Learn more about Sayali below and also view her new Bollywood dance cover out now!

Customer Corner: What they Have to Say

“Ms. Iffat genuinely cares about her students and does a great job being patient with the younger ones. We are so happy our 6 yr old daughter is a part of this dance studio!”

– Joann John

“Milaana Dance is a perfect place for someone like me. It not only is the best place to learn dance moves but is also a place that keeps your love for dance alive with lots of practice and variety! I am lucky to have found the amazing choreographers to dance with! I highly recommend this place for all those who love to dance and those who would love to learn.”

– Mansi Chadha

Bollywood dance classes are available online and in person for kids ages 4 and up and adults. Haven’t tried a class yet? Do a free trial. Call or text us at 972-370-3460 for more info or to set up a free trial.