Plano Bollywood Indian Fitness Classes

Having a hard time sticking to your fitness routine? Try a different style of fitness or workout. Add variety to your exercise by joining Plano Bollywood fitness classes at Milaana Dance.

Plano Bollywood Fitness Classes
The key to staying dedicated to your workout routine is to make it fun. Group dance classes are incredibly fun, and Bollywood dance classes are even more fun. Most people have heard of Bollywood movies, music, and dance. Based on films from Bombay, India, Bollywood style dance has reached beyond on the borders of South Asia. Bollywood dance includes a combination of Eastern and Western dances and incorporates many varieties such as Indian classical and Western jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and more. It’s a great a way to workout and burn calories!

Milaana Dance
At Milaana Dance, we are focused on foster creativity, culture, and connection through dance. In several South Asian languages, the word “Milaana” means to bring together or blend. That is our goal at Milaana Dance and we are excited to have you be a part of it.

Milaana Dance currently offers classes for kids and adults, ages 5 and up. Plano Indian fitness classes are 50 minutes long for adults. Each Milaana Dance class includes warm up and choreography to a number of Bollywood songs. Currently, we hold classes at the Alpha Midway Dance Studio in Dallas, Texas. View our class schedule for more information on timing, location, registration, and fees.

Our talented choreographers and instructors truly enjoy teaching Bollywood fitness classes in Plano TX. They are incredibly energetic and enthusiastic about Bollywood dance and their love for all things Bollywood shows in their work. By attending group classes at Milaana Dance, you will enjoy South Asian music, dance, and culture. Learn more about us by viewing the Milaana Staff page and meeting the Milaana Dance team.

Bollywood Dance is For Everyone!
Dancing is fun and the fun is contagious. Join us at Milaana Dance for Indian fitness classes in Plano TX. You don’t need any previous experience in Bollywood dancing. And, regardless of your language or cultural background, Plano Bollywood fitness classes may be just what you need to add more life to your workout routine.